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Our Mission 

Lead Preparatory promotes leadership and academic distinction, and is committed to providing every scholar a nurturing, positive, safe, and developmentally appropriate learning environment that creatively and innovatively stimulates their educational experiences.


Because we believe academically engaging childcare makes a positive difference in children's lives,  we strive to offer programming that allows parents to pursue careers and participate in positive activities within our communities. 

Our Philosophy 

We believe children are born ready to learn. As educators, we endeavor to grow leaders in an environment that is positive, safe, stimulating and encouraging . The following principles serve as the foundation for our curriculum. Scholars: 

  • develop knowledge of their world through active interaction with teacher-leaders, peers, materials, and events. 

  • acquire learning sequentially while building on prior understandings and experiences.

  • proceed socially and academically at varied rates in each area, thus demonstrating a range of skills and understandings in any one area of development.

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